Goa CM: Coastal nations must find solution to global warming


Coastal countries and oceanic islands really need to shore up and find solutions to the challenges posed by global warming, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said. The former Defence Minister also said that the phenomenon of piracy in the Indian Ocean is under control, but also warned that the threat to trade convoys could not be ruled out altogether.

“I think we should also look into the aspect of threat to the coastal cities due to the rising ocean levels or island States. There are few island States which may not exist if the current climate change continues at the same rate,” Parrikar said, while speaking during the inaugural session of a three-day conclave organised by the Forum for Integrated National Security (FINS) on oceanic security, which kicked off at a South Goa resort on Thursday.

“Ocean is rising quite rapidly, so this is going to threaten the coast of the big countries as well as also threaten the island itself.

So this is one threat for which we may not be able to come up with a direct solution, but we may definitely push for a better climatic solution,” Parrikar also said, while speaking at the conclave which is expected to deliberate on issues like climate change, fresh water, trade and commerce among other issues related to governance.

Parrikar also said, that 60 per cent of the global trade passed through the Indian Ocean and said that the spectre of piracy, which plagued the trade route some years back was under control for now.

“Their threat (to ocean trade) from pirates, the trade which moves from the Indian ocean, right now it is quite safe because we have managed to get most of the pirates under control. There are no incidents which are recently reported. But you cannnot totally ignore the threat,” the former Defence Minister said.

He also said, that while towards east of the Indian Ocean in the Malacca straits, East China sea, the threats were more obvious, on the western coast too there were various threats which cropped up and subsided occasionally.



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