Telugu to be compulsory subject in all junior colleges in Telangana

| | Hyderabad

About a million junior college students in Telangana will have a new compulsory subject — Telugu language henceforth.

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has announced that like the schools, Class XI and XII in Junior colleges will also have to teach Telugu as compulsory subject.

“No school or college will be permitted without, including Telugu language in its curriculum,” he said.

He announced the decision after reviewing the preparations for the World Telugu conference to be held later this year.

KCR said the State Cabinet will soon pass a resolution to this effect.

So far Telugu was compulsory only from 1st to tenth standard but now the Government has decided to extend it to junior college level.

The Chief Minister said for the students opting for Urdu as second language Telugu should be an optional subject in the junior colleges.

Giving the responsibility of preparing the Telugu text books for all the classes of schools and colleges to Telugu Sahitya Academy, the Chief Minister said that henceforth the schools will not be able to prepare their own text books.

However the student community and the parents were unlikely to be enthusiastic about it as their focus is mostly on preparing for the competitive examinations and scoring higher marks to get admissions into professional courses like engineering and medicine.  

“Before going in for such a drastic measure the Government should first prepare the mindset of students and the parents and also ready the student friendly text books”, said Dr P Madhusudhan Reddy, president of Government Junior College Lecturers association.

In another major decision the Chief Minister has also directed that all the public and private establishments should display their names in Telugu apart from any other languages they want to have on the boards.

Unlike the other southern States like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh did not have any such rules to force the establishments to write their names in Telugu till now.



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