Voted against NDA pick as mark of protest: Mamata


In an apparent bid to use India-China stand off and stir up an anti-NDA opinion in the Centre to her own political advantage, Mamata Banerjee on Monday accused New Delhi of “neglecting” the chicken’s neck area in Siliguri-Darjeeling alarmingly close to China and said her party would definitely raise the issue alongside other matters like hasty implementation of GST, demonetization etc, in the Monsoon Session of Parliament.

Earlier in the State Assembly the Bengal Chief Minister who held a meeting with her party MPs in the sidelines of the presidential elections stopped short of conceding defeat in the Presidential polls. She said though “we will respect the winning candidate (apparently Ramnath Kovind fielded by the NDA) because he would be our President, we have given a ‘protest vote’ against the BJP’s highhandedness that became manifest in the areas like hasty implementation of GST, goondaism in the name of Gauraksha, Notebandi that has ruined the Indian economy and of course its turning a blind eye on the burning Darjeeling crisis.”

The Chief Minister who had no love lost for the Narendra Modi Government particularly in the wake of sustained CBI and ED grilling of her party MPs in Narada and Sharada cases reportedly told her MPs to go ballistic against the Government for looking right through Darjeeling crisis.

She wondered “what the IB and RAW were doing all these years when a foreign country was trying to create disturbance in Darjeeling. They have their eyes on Sikkim too. We have reports that adjacent to the Pashupati Gate of Nepal 400 schools have been set up where Chinese is being taught. Why the Centre did not take any action. What was RAW and IB doing?” she asked alleging the Centre was “ignoring the chicken’s neck area of Darjeeling-Siliguri.”

Everyone knew the strategic importance of Siliguri — which falls in Darjeeling district — but “the Government is ignoring it” she said adding “despite our repeated requests the Government did not send central forces in Darjeeling to contain the unrest their knowing full well that foreign hands were at play in the region.”

On presidential polls a bellicose Banerjee said the reason behind her party’s voting against the NDA candidate was “we wanted to register our vote of protest against the highhanded central government which did not build up consensus and also chose to ignore the opposition opinion on major issues like Notebandi and GST.”

The way the saffron brigade had unleashed the band of cow vigilantes was fast becoming a threat for the Indian secular fabric she said adding the in the presidential elections the opposition had managed unmask some forces which swear by secularism.

“Some parties sided with the NDA otherwise the result would have been different. We ask these parties to still reconsider their lines because the presidential election has given a golden opportunity to let the secular anti-BJP forces unite. If these parties don’t do it now they will owe an answer to the history.” 



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