YSRCP, Jana Sena not happy as BJP misses magic mark in K’taka

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The main political “power” mongers in Andhra Pradesh after 2019 elections, Telugu Desam Party, YSRCP and Jana Sena are tight-lipped over Karnataka results. Out of these three parties, no party has reacted on neighbouring State results. The party chiefs are silently analysing the voting pattern and are trying to assess its impact on the upcoming Andhra Pradesh voting.

As YSRCP and Jana Sena parties are working silently hand in hand with the BJP, they got disappointed on missing of magic mark of 115 seats by BJP on its own, internal sources of those parties said. Though their party leaders supported BJP openly in Karnataka where Telugu voters are dominant, the BJP has failed to win the majority seats in Hyderabad Karnataka, Central Bengaluru and other parts. Almost in 46 constituencies, Telugu voters supported Congress unlike in Andhra Pradesh.

The Telugu Desam Party also not yet gave its reaction. TDP National Chief and the Chief Minister, Chandra Babu Naidu, who has given a open call to Telugu people living in Karnataka to vote against BJP, has asked his party men to get the detailed information on voting patterns and booth level strategies followed by BJP. Naidu is mainly focused on Amit Sha’s style of function and strategies implanted and implemented before elections in UP, Goa, Assam and Karnataka.

Appointing Kanna Laxminarayana as State Party President, Amit Sha focused kapu caste voting. Mudragada Padmanabham, a kapu leader, immediately met Kanna Laxminarayana on his first day of appointment and expressed his unconditional support. Jana Sena Chief and Film Star, Pawan Kalyan, is also belong to Kapu Community. BJP is trying to polarise Kapu votes through Pawan Kalyan, Kanna Laxminarayana and Mudragada Padmanabham against TDP in 2019 elections. There are hectic attempts to bring J.D. Laxminarayana, former IPS, into either BJP or Jana Sena to further polarise Kapu votes and to divide neutral voters as well.

Through YSRCP Chief Jaganmohan Reddy, BJP planned to polarise Reddy, BC, SC and ST votes against TDP. Also, through YSRCP, Amit Sha designed to divide Kamma votes from TDP by giving tickets to dominant Kamma leaders in majority seats where Kamma community is prominent.

BJP national leadership has already declared they will focus on AP after Karnataka. As Prime Minister Modi and Amit Sha are firm on teaching a lesson to Naidu in 2019 elections, Naidu also mentally prepared to face BJP vengeance and informing his administration and party men in internal meetings about the CBI, IT and ED raids and cases to be flooded in near future.



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