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Breeding controversy

Breeding controversy

Bengaluru’s dog lovers are up in arms as the city’s municipal corporation suddenly announced that they will restrict households to just a single dog as well as a list of ‘approved’ breeds. Dog lovers have called the move draconian and call the list of approved breeds eerily similar to that of Singapore. We agree with the dog lovers that other than some ‘dangerous’ breeds only breeds that are clearly inappropriate for Indian climatic conditions such as St.Bernards and Huskies should be disallowed, but only after some semblance of a scientific study.

Instead of cracking down and mandating how many dogs and which type of dogs a family may or may not own, they should act more strongly against stray dogs by neutering them and additionally go after people who do clean up behind their dogs. The recent spate of dog attacks on humans across India has nerves on edge and the public at large, which outnumbers dog-lovers are insisting something be done. The BBMP in Bengaluru has gone to one extreme and their order should be reconsidered. That said, it is likely that other municipalities in India will follow suit soon. Dog lovers instead of fighting have to realise that there is a problem with strays and even pet dogs in some localities and they must be part of the solution instead of insisting that there is no problem.



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‚ÄėAssault‚Äô on police driver: Action against Kerala ADGP

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In a swift move intended at stemming the protests brewing in the State police force against certain top officials’ ‘feudalistic’ practice of persecuting policemen and camp followers by using them as house servants, the Kerala Government on Saturday removed ADGP Sudesh Kumar, whose daughter was the other day booked for assaulting and verbally abusing his official police driver, from the position of head of the Armed Police Battalion. The action against...

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Woman’s body found in autorickshaw, case filed

20 Jun 2018 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

A 35-year-old woman’s body was recovered from an autorickshaw at Rethghat under Talaiya police station area late in the night on Monday. Sensation prevailed in Retghat area on Monday night after body of a woman was recovered the auto rickshaw and after spotting the woman police were informed...

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