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Home before Cannes

Home before Cannes
While it is the regional connect and diversity that India is showcasing and celebrating at the international Cannes Film Festival, back home it is uniformity without any divergence that the mob is trying to impose. Whether it is the right to worship (the oh-so-hip Gurgaon with its modern chrome and glass buildings seems to be sitting on a tinder box), or the difference in language (imposing Hindi in Karnataka) or of opinion (trolls anyone?) or the way young people express love (a couple being thrashed by the Calcutta ‘bhadralok’) everything seems to be increasingly raising the hackles of a certain section.
So should we come out of a factory, moulded a certain way and packaged in identical wrapping papers? It would do us good to remember that it is not language or religion or culture that binds us but rather our innate Indianness, the ability to be different and diverse and yet the same. And it would do us good to remember that it is because of diversity and not despite it that we are what we are to the world — Indians.


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Court proceedings end in a lighter vein

20 May 2018 | PNS

New Delhi: “Now, let us enjoy our holidays,” this is how the Supreme Court concluded the hearing on the Karnataka power row on Saturday. The courtroom burst into a bout of laughter as Justice AK Sikri, who headed the three-judge Bench, made the jovial remark ...

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Six hours traffic block, dozens of trains affected

20 May 2018 | Ashis Sinha | Bokaro

More than dozens of the trains were affected after a traffic block conducted by railway on Bokaro-Kotshila rail block on Saturday. The traffic block was conducted to eliminate two unmanned railway crossing between Bokaro and Kotshila and to construct limited height subway there, informed S K Srivastava DRM Adra Division...

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