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Two Weddings And Two Hoaxes

Two Weddings And Two Hoaxes

It’s a pretty rare day when the online world is buzzing with talk of two A-lister impending marriages at the same time. But that’s what’s been happening over the weekend. First came news that Bollywood actress and Sonam Kapoor, 1990s Hindi film veteran Anil Kapoor’s daughter, was getting hitched to her longtime beau and Delhi-based businessman,Anand Ahuja. The media-generated twist was that it won’t be a Hindu wedding, which saw a huge traffic spikefor websites reporting this nugget. Till it was revealed that the marriage would be solemnized according to Sikh rites (Anand Karaj) which is a common custom prevalent among many Punjabi Hindus who have faith in Guru Granth Sahib, so the twist was no twist after all and actually a bit of a hoax.

But then came the bombshell. Social media went crazy when photographs of Congress Party president Rahul Gandhi and Rae Bareli Sadar MLA Aditi Singh with their families began circulating with the ‘news’ that the two were getting hitched. Aditi, daughter of five-time MLA Akhilesh Singh, however, was quick to scotch all rumors with the time-tested Bro line, or as we in India put it, the Raakhi Bhai maneuver. The wait for Rahul’s wedding continues.



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