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Only about 20% of youngsters diagnosed with anxiety will stay well over the long term irrespective of the kind of treatment they receive, indicates a recent research.[1] About half the patients relapse at least once, and 30% remain chronically anxious, meeting the diagnostic criteria for an anxiety disorder at every follow-up. This probability is higher in females.

Anxiety disorders refer to a group of mental illnesses. The distress they cause can prevent a person from leading a normal life. The worry of the future and the fear of the past that accompanies this condition can prove quite overwhelming and become disabling over time. There are some common symptoms in all anxiety disorders. These include panic, fear, and uneasiness; sleeplessness; being restless; cold, sweaty, numb or tingling hands or feet; shortness of breath; palpitations; dry mouth; nausea and tense muscles.

Some tips

  • Avoid foods rich in caffeine including coffee, tea, cola, energy drinks, and chocolate. Caffeine is a mood-altering drug, and it may make symptoms of anxiety disorders worse.
  • Eat right and exercise. Brisk aerobic exercises can help release brain chemicals which can further cut out stress.
  • Sleep problems and anxiety disorder often go hand in hand. It is important to get adequate rest.

— Courtesy Heart Care Foundation of India



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