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Superfoods in fast lane

Superfoods in fast lane

This festive season, PIONEER HEALTH brings you some fasting foods that you must include in your routine platter for their super food health benefits

It is amazing how we keep stumbling on the health benefits of eats and nibbles that have been lying all around us but have ignored. We bring you a platter overhaul with festive foods this season, something you could pack for office lunch, treat as a good nibble as a mid-work feast and depend on to keep your bad-health levels low:

Makhana (Fox Nut): The fox nut or the makhana comes up there in this negated category of health positive foods that have been around for ages, but only used as fasting nibble. Now that the festival season is in full swing, the fox nut is hot currency. Not many know about its nutrition value but it is about time we inculcated it in our daily diet as we have done with almonds and chia seeds. Light on the tummy and power-packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, the good old makhana can give a huge complex to amino-acid wonders like positive nuts. As an office nibble, the makhana scores highly over spinach crisps, roasted seeds and even your good health nut bowl. So go for it not only as a fasting food but as a daily nibble.

Amaranth: Yes, you partake of this health positive complete cereal only on a fasting day. About time you took it more seriously and discovered te whole grain goodness of Amaranth to include it in your routine diet.

It will be a good idea to replace 25% of the flour on your platter with this source of complete protein which also contains all the essential amino acids, including lysine, which is lacking in other grains.

So good is its health quotient that Amaranth will soon join quinoa, chia seeds and goji berries in the pantheon of ancient super foods.  Just as quinoa was a sacred "mother grain" to the Incas, Amaranth was to Aztecs.

Samak Chawal (Barnyard Millet): Ever thought of dumping your white rice with this simulator instead of the bad-on-the-taste-buds brown rice? Well, Sama Chawal is exactly what the doctor forgot to prescribe you s part of a nutritious, low cal diet plan. Tasting similar to broken rice, samak chawal provides energy, contains high amount of dietary fibre, B-complex vitamins and important minerals like iron and magnesium to boost your muscle strength as well as your immunity levels. The phytochemicals in it are the heart loving help to lower cholesterol.

Sabudana (sago/tapioca pearls): Don't treat this as a fasting filler. Simply put, sabudana is an excellent source of carbohydrates which boosts the much-needed energy without adding to your flab. It gives a cooling effect to the body and is easy to digest. Sabudana khichdi is fast rising on the food ramp as a wholesome, filling and nutritious hot breakfast option. Pack it up for lunch in your reheatable office tiffin box at least once a week. 



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