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Take care of your body

Take care of your body

Suniel Shetty was in the Capital recently to promote Mission Fit India, MONIKA THAKUR caught up with the actor to talk about his fitness mantra

Why choose radio as a platform to promote fitness?

 It is not a reality show neither it is about two people fighting. It is a genuine attempt to educate people about fitness by telling them that they just need to focus on the small things — to bring about a change in their habits. We are telling people to simplify exercising by indulging in basic activities like cycling, brisk walking and using stairs instead of elevators.

What is the target audience?

We are aiming to target everyone from children, who are of two to three years of age to adults. Today, I am 57 years old therefore, I am aware of the problems that people my age face — they drag their feet instead of walking properly that is because they have never really exercised. We are trying to tell people out there to sit at home and just follow us.

Do you think 120 days is enough? What happens once the programme is over?

The content will always remain impactful from the point of view of education even after 120 days end. Through this season we are encouraging the general public to come forward and be a part of the sena (Suniel Ki sena), so that we can take the mission forward to the next level, soon after that, we might start Season 2. 

People say they don’t have time to exercise. What’s your take on that?

People need to understand that excuses won’t help them in any way. I am an actor, nobody is as busy as we actors are but if I don’t take my health seriously and make excuses how will I be able to stay healthy and fit?

How do films impact people’s attitude towards fitness?

Films do influence people’s mind to a very large extent. They motivate people to stay fit but films are like a double-edged sword. A lot of people who are seeking instant results start using steroids and become dependent on it. We don’t want people to aim for such things. They must understand fitness is not a destination to reach but a journey to be cherished, forever.

A lot of people are opting for gyming instead of yoga. Do you think it is an intelligent choice?

I think it is a fantastic choice if they are gyming not to achieve short-term goals but to make it a lifelong goal, to make it a part of their lifestyle. If people are gyming and they still believe that they don’t need artificial supplements to support their exercise, then nothing can be better than that.

What is your fitness mantra?

I wake up at 5 every morning and set an alarm by putting aside at least two hours for exercising. I engage myself in yoga and pranayama in the first hour and then I spend 40-45 minutes in the gym. My mantra is — Breakfast like a king and dinner like an indigent. I avoid any kind of bread and instead opt for rotis made out of quinoa flour to cut out gluten. I live on fruits through the day and for dinner, it is usually a soup and simple meat preparations. With some care and a minimal lifestyle changes, it is fairly easy to keep fit.

Mission Fit India will air every Monday to Friday, 9 am onwards on Fever FM and My FM



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