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Live surgery demonstration on Aesthetic Thyroid Surgery at International workshop at SGPGIMS

Monday, 11 September 2017 | PNS | Lucknow

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With demonstration of rare live surgery before the young doctors, the International workshop on Aesthetic Thyroid Surgery called upon to spread of awareness among the doctors regarding the Endocrine Surgery and how to help young endocrine surgeons for skill development and research.  

The four days 13th Post Graduate Course in Endocrine Surgery (PGES) 2017 and  International workshop on Aesthetic Thyroid workshop which ended here last night at the SGPGIMS here, the doctors gave live demonstration of surgery before the participants which including 150 delegates from different parts of the country besides four international faculty members including the Dr. Jin Wook Yi, from Seoul  National University, Seoul, South Korea. Prof. Fualal Jane, from Kampala, Uganda, Dr. Kintu Luwaga from, Kampala, Uganda. And Prof. June Young Choi remotely connected from Seoul National University, Bundang Hospital, South Korea.

 Convener of the workshop Dr Gyan Chand, said here on Sunday that PGES 2017 opted for interesting case discussions. On first day on September 6, four cases were operated. 

 “Two cases thyroid tumor Mrs Savitri Singh and Mr. Ram Dheeraj Yadav was operated by Dr. Jin Wook Yi from Korea, through endoscopic oro-vestibular route. And another two cases of thyroid tumor Taha and Awadhesh were operated by Dr. Gyan Chand through endoscopic Bilateral Breast and Axillary Approach (BABA) method. All four cases were live transmitted in to the telemedicine auditorium where more than 100 faculty and delegates had watched these surgeries and learn the techniques by discussion.  This live transmission was also transmitted to different telemedicine center and esteemed on 60 registered devices,” Dr Chand said.

 Video lectures were given on thyroid surgery by Dr. Anand Mishra and Dr. Rajani Kant Yadav from Lucknow and Dr. Venkatesh Rao from Bangalore. 

 On second day  sessions were started with case presentation on thyroid cancer by Dr. Pooja Ramakant of Lucknow and Dr. Dhalapathy Sadacharan from Chennai. Interesting case discussion was done  by interaction with pathologist and endocrine surgeons. After the case discussion the live transmission through telemedicine of Robotic Bilateral Breast and Axillary Approach (BABA) thyroid surgery was demonstrated by Dr. June Young Choi from Seoul national University Bundang Hospital, Seoul, South Korea.

On this day two live operative cases of thyroid tumor were also demonstrated. One case by Dr. Venkatesh Rao from Bangalore demonstrated open aesthetic thyroid surgery technique and another case of thyroid tumor was operated by Dr. Gyan Chand from Lucknow, and demonstrated Bilateral Breast and Axillary Approach (BABA) method of endoscopic thyroid surgery. After the workshop two international faculty Dr. Jin Wook Yi has presented his plenary lecture on Scientific Evidence of BABA robotic Thyroid Surgery and Dr. Fualal Jane presented her plenary lecture on the status of Breast and Endocrine Surgery in Uganda /Africa. 

Other lectures on management of goiter was given by Dr. Anjali Mishra, Dr. Rakesh Pandey  and Dr. Subhash Yadav from Lucknow.  On the same day 28 th foundation day of Department of Endocrine Surgery, SGPGIMS was inaugurated by Dr. Shivakant Mishra, The President of Association of Surgeons of India. 

 Dr  Chand said that the third day started with interesting case discussion on parathyroid presented by Dr. Divya Dahiya, PGI Chandigarh, Dr. Dipendra Narayan Singh, Jaipur and Dr. Manish Kausal, Indore. After the case discussion the symposium lectures on thyroid cancer were deliver by Dr. Sai Krishna Vittal, Chennai, Dr. B. N. Mohanty, Cuttack, Dr. P.K. Pradhan, Dr. Sameer Gupta and Dr. Manish Ora from Lucknow.

The last day started with introduction of e-tumor board, this was a new entity where the expert opinion of the different specialist can be taken through videoconferencing simultaneously by different specialty involved in management of endocrine tumor. Dr. Narendra Krisnani- Pathologist, Dr. Sheo Kumar- Radiologist, Dr. Manish Ora- Nuclear Physician, Dr. Madhukar Mittal- Endocrinologist and Dr. S. K. Mishra- endocrine surgeon was the experts from different speciality in this tumor board, Dr Chand said.