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Action against 31 for illegal advts in Indore

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To target increased number of advertisement boards and hoardings without obtaining requisite permissions and paying charges to Municipal Corporation, action against 31 establishments was taken and unauthorised material was removed on Wednesday.

The establishments with unauthorized advertisements were issued with orders to remove the advertisements within 24 hours which is violation of section 18 (3) of Madhya Pradesh Outdoor Media Act 2017 but the establishments failed to comply action on Wednesday was taken.

Different mobile phone companies Oppo, Vivo, Samsung, Lava, Nokia, Micromax, MI, Gionee and other brands of mobile phone companies have installed hoardings carrying their advertisements. The installations of hoardings within the limits of the city without obtaining permission from Municipal Corporation are violation of Madhya Pradesh Outdoor Media Act 2017.

According to the Madhya Pradesh Outdoor Media Act 2017 after obtaining permission and making payment for the installation one could go for the advertisement.

Corporation has issued notices to 150 commercials establishments to which were found to be flouting Madhya Pradesh Outdoor Media Act 2017 and survey has been conducted for other establishments.

On Wednesday the action was taken against those establishments who failed to comply with the earlier issued notice of removal of advertisement boards and hoardings by their own.

During the board and hoarding removal operation more than three truck advertisement materials was seized and removed.

In the operation action was taken against a total of 31 commercial establishments and 31  boards and  hoardings have been removed,  5 from  Kalani road,  3 in Nagin Nagar, 3 from Airport road, 5 from 60 feet road, 9 from Bangali square, Kanadia road, Samvad Nagar, Bicholi Mardana areas and 4 from Sanchar Nagar.




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