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‘Dhoomketu a dream of a young astronaut

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The dream of a young astronaut who wants to change the world was shown in the movie ‘Dhoomketu The Comet.’ The movie was creened here on Thursday at Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum.

It is to be noted that the movie was screened as a part of the regular film screening organised every Thursday at the museum. The children’s film screening ‘Ullas’ is organised especially for the school kids wherein they can watch movied of different genres including inspirational and motivational, comedy and horror movies too.

Ullas is capturing the interest of the little audience. Every screening receives a satisfactory response.

Dhoomketu is directed by Gopal Krishnan. He is a Science graduate from Agra University who later took to engineering. He began writing short stories and film scripts, prior to embarking on making advertising films and documentaries, and even writing film jingles. ‘Dhoomketu’ is his first feature film




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