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Differently-abled artists make it different

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Bringing out the artistic perceptions of theirs, the art lovers of the city enjoyed watching the exceptionally beautiful art pieces over canvas. The exhibition of eye-pleasing and catchy canvas works of the differently-abled artists is being put up at Rangdarshini Gallery.

The exhibition is being put up at Bharat Bhavan under the grand event Samarth. The exhibition began from Thursday at Rangdarshini Gallery.

The use of bright colours such as red, yellow, a mix of black, blue, green and use of different array of colours give a pleasurable view to the spectators.

From modern art to abstract art and from figurative to traditional paintings, the vibrant strokes of joy represent the hopes, dreams, aspirations and inner happiness of a person. The strokes given by the artist on the canvas gives a feel of various emotions to the spectator.

The artists showcased their thought process over the canvas through various mediums.

The art enthusiasts had an enthralling experience of watching all the art works as they walked through the gallery. With bringing a lot of variations, artists have displayed their best of creations. As many as 50 paintings are on display.

The spectators could feel the emotion behind each painting as they walked through the gallery. The art lovers of the city were awestruck to watch a magnificent blend of colours that connects them to inner happiness.

Other than enjoying the colours of life through paintings, the Bhopalites also enjoyed cultural performances at Antarang Hall. The evening was adorned with the Sitar recital by Amit Garg.It was followed with the one act by Pradeep Kumar. The Bhopalites enjoyed every bit of the event.




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