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Exhibition of medicinal plants held at Sarojini Naidu Govt Girls’ PG College

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 An exhibition of medicinal plants ‘Green Power’ was organised at Sarojini Naidu Government Girls’ Post-Graduate College here on Wednesday. The exhibition was held under an event organised by Botany Department of the college.

On the occasion, the Botanical Association was inaugurated at the college premises. Marking the same occasion, the students of Botany department organised an exhibition of medicinal plants.

A medicinal plant is any plant which contains substances that can be used for therapeutic purposes, or which are precursors for chemo-pharmaceutical semi-synthesis. When a plant is designated as ‘medicinal’, it is implied that the said plant is useful as a drug or therapeutic agent or an active ingredient of a medicinal preparation. Medicinal plants used as articles of drugs and therapeutic agents, and are used for medicinal purposes.

The plants like ashwagandha, spargandha, tulsi, neem, marigold and many were on display. While talking a walkthrough of the exhibition the visitors were also told about the advantages and medicinal qualities of the plants put up. They were informed about the diseases that can be cured with these plants and how they were used during the ancient times. This was followed with the popular lecture on ‘Environmental Conservation, Management and Carbon Foot Print.’ The lecture was conducted by Sanjiv Sachdeva, Principal of EPCO Institute of Environmental Studies. Highlighting about the topic, Sachdeva told the students about how the environment can be conserved keeping in modern technology in view.

The event concluded with the oath taking ceremony of Botanical Association members in presence of Principal of college Manjula Sharma.              




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