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It’s all about women and women artists

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Various shades of women were witnessed in the paintings that appeared lively and eye pleasing as the spectators walked through the gallery. A painting exhibition that narrated stories of women and her creative perceptions concluded at Vertus Art Space on Tuesday. 

A group painting exhibition ‘Ahead’ was all about women by women artists that was put up on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Artists like Aparna Anil, Preeti Tamot, Vandita Shrivastava and Veena Jain displayed their works.

On the concluding day of the exhibition the art lovers found themselves surrounded with the world of beauty. The artists focused on the beauty of women, spirituality and nature in their works. The hardwork and the perseverance of the artists could be seen in their works.

Use of vibrant colours and deep thoughts, the exhibition was all about nature in an unusual way. The colours spread over the canvas create a great impact over the viewers as they could feel the transformation of women power into vibrant colours. Also the description of five elements of nature was used wondrously by some artists. It was much appreciated by the visitors as they walked through the gallery. 

The creative works revealed the various moods of abstract and figurative art at the gallery, depicting the inner self of women at the same time was a spell binding experience for the art lovers of the city. The exhibition was a feast for the art enthusiasts.




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