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Kingpin of luxury car thieves apprehended

| | Gwalior | in Bhopal

Kingpin of gang of thieves of luxury cars was apprehended by the police on Monday night in connection with a luxury car that was stolen from the Laxman Talaiya area of the city.

Within hours the police arrested one of the leader’s aides too and on interrogation it was learnt that the gang belongs to Ajitmal in the district of Auraiya in Uttar Pradesh. The police claim that the gang is behind the break-ins of at least a dozen vehicles in the city that occurred in the last one month.

Around midnight on Monday, the leader of the gang, Ravindra Singh Yadav opened the door of a Marshal car that was parked outside a house in the Laxman Talaiya area of the city. The accompanying noise alerted the driver who was sleeping on the terrace and he informed the police immediately.

The police put up barricades in all the roads in and around Laxamn Talayya. Around 2.30 o’clock in the night, a Marshal was seen approaching the barricade at Transport Nagar. On seeing the police check post, instead of slowing down the driver broke the barricades and tried to speed away but the police gave chase and as they were closing in on the Marshal the alleged thief left the vehicle and fled on foot but the police succeeded in catching him after a brief chase.

Speaking to the media persons Raghvendra Singh Tomar, TI, Bahodpur station said that the police got information around midnight about the theft of the car. Barricades were put in many places and they succeed in apprehending the thieves. He further said that on preliminary interrogation it was learnt that the gang is behind many car thefts in the city.

The modus operandi was to steal luxury cars only to sell them at throw away prices in the villages of UP. He added that specials teams have been formed to apprehend the accomplices of the gang and the buyers of the stolen cars.




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