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Miscreants nabbed for vehicle theft

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Kamla Nagar police have nabbed two persons from Rahul Nagar on the charge of their involvement in vehicle lifting and recovered 8 two-wheelers from their possession on Sunday.

Acting on a tip off, two youths who were trying to sell motorbike at very low price were nabbed and when they were questioned regarding the motorbike they failed to provide details of the motorbike.

From the two, motorbike bearing registration number MP04-MS-4582 was recovered by the police. The two confessed stealing of motorbike from Nehru Nagar.

The nabbed youths were identified as Rahul Chouhan (21) of Sehore and Adeeb Khan (21) of Kajlikheda.

Later, in the investigation the two confessed stealing of six other motorbikes TT Nagar, Aishbagh, Chunbhatti, Sehore.

After the vehicles were stolen the accused used to hide the vehicles deep inside the forest near Kaliasot and Kajlikheda areas. During the investigation police have recovered 7 vehicles from Kaliasot and Kajlikheda areas.

Police said that Rahul in involved in private work at Panchayat Bhawan in Saras village while Adeeb is unemployed. The two used to roam using the stolen vehicles in their vicinity to impress others and maintain their status of high earning individuals. They used to spent luxuriously said the police.  

The number of vehicles the two accused have stolen and disposed vehicles out of the stolen vehicles would be investigated in the further investigation.

Crime record of the two is yet to be investigated. Sehore police have been informed and details of other stolen vehicles from the area would be investigated.




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