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MPSD students to entertain all with Parsi play ‘Yahudi Ki Ladki’

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The students of Madhya Pradesh School of Drama (MPSD) under their class presentation are all set to entertain the theatre buffs with a Parsi play Yahudi Ki Ladki. 

The play was written by an eminent Urdu play writer Agha Hashr Kashmiri and will be directed by Imtiyaz Ali.

It is to be noted that the theatre plays have discovered a niche in the city of lakes and the

students are also taking keen participation in the theatre activities.

The final rehearsals of the play are almost completed. Yahudi Ki Ladki is among one of the hit Parsi style plays. Three years back it was staged which was directed by Alopi Verma.

Director Imtiyaz Ali has come up with new innovations in the play. It is to be noted that the story of the play revolves around religion discriminations and how people forget their limitations for their ego and false dignity.

Interestingly, it is a around 125-year-old play which reveals the truth of today’s prevailing society.

The story features the rivalry between the Roman priest Brutus and the oppressed Jewish merchant, Prince Ezra. Brutus sentences Ezra's son to death and Ezra in turn kidnaps and raises Brutus' only daughter, Rahil.

During the final rehearsals Imtiyaz told the students about the Parsi style theatre which is vanishing slowly from theatre world. He told them about the set, stage backdrop, costumes and acting skills used in Parsi style.

The play will be staged at Rangashree Little Ballet premises on Thursday. 




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