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‘Need to implement tobacco ban properly’

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Madhya Pradesh Government imposed ban on tobacco in 2012, which was a commendable step but there is need of proper implementation of the ban to save people from the harms of tobacco, said Director of Healis Sekhsaria Institute of Public Health  Mumbai Dr Prakash C Gupta while speaking with the mediapersons in State-level tobacco media sensitisation workshop organised by Voice of Tobacco Victims on Sunday.

Dr Gupta said that more than 300 children are addicting to tobacco per day, which is a serious concern. Educational institutes are the worst hit place where the shops selling tobacco products are situated close to the school premises. In the State, around 20 per cent educational institutes are found with the prescribed warning of tobacco harms and the percentage is one of the lowest among the educational institutes in the country, he added.

Convener of Voice of Tobacco Victims Dr TP Sahu said that the Government has figures, which claim that five times of the earning in spent on the tobacco-borne diseases, but still the will is missing to implement the ban on tobacco products.  

Number of studies have been conducted which reveal that the rate of quitting tobacco products in three per cent, which is very low and could be increased by several measures, which require Government intervention and awareness among the masses. The best way to increase the rate of quitting is by increasing the per cent of tax on tobacco products the percentage of quitting tobacco products would go as high as 13 per cent which has proven through facts and findings.




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