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New law to educate girl: CM

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Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that a law will be enacted to make arrangement for continuous education of girls in the State. Daughters are blessings and gifts from the Almighty on this earth.

Chouhan was addressing the Scholarship Distribution Programme of Ladli Shiksha Parva at CM House here on Thursday. Minister for Woman and Child Development Archana Chitnis was present in the programme. Scholarships were distributed to 65,000 Ladli Laxmis in the entire state.

 Chouhan mentioned that arrangements will be made in the state for regular health checkup of the girls. Sky is not the limit for them if they desire so. Girls should develop talents to become famous in the entire world. There are 26.30 lakh Ladli Laxmis in the state today. After attaining age of 21 years, their families will get Rs 31,000 crore. Scholarship arrangement has been made for the girls under the Ladli Laxmi Yojana. Laptops are being given to the girls on their securing 85 per cent marks in 12th examination. Similarly, smart phones are provided to them on getting admissions in colleges. Moreover, college fee will be borne by the government after getting admissions in colleges under the Medhavi Vidhyarthi Yojana, provided they secure 75 per cent and above marks in 12th examination.

He asserted that girls possess unlimited talents, if they want, they can achieve heights. Girls must always give respect to their parents and teachers. They are strength of Madhya Pradesh. Thirty three percent reservations in police department’s recruitment and 50 per cent reservation in teachers’ recruitment have been made for the girls. Similarly, 50 per cent reservation has been made in local bodies for the girls. Chouhan further mentioned that exemption in height will be given to the girls in the recruitment of police department.

Arrangements will be made for regular health checkup of the girls. Free text books, uniforms and cycle schemes are being implemented for the girls. Gaon ki Beti and Pratibha Kiran Yojana are being implemented for the talented girls. Chouhan devoutly remembered late Vijaya Raje Scindia on the occasion.

 Minister for Women and Child Development Chitnis said that over 65 thousand Ladli Laxmis have taken admissions in class 6th today. Scholarship of Rs 2,000 is being distributed to each girl today. Scholarship of Rs 4 thousand in class 9th and scholarship of Rs  6,000 will be given to them on getting admission in class 11th. Ladli Laxmi Yojana has completed 11 years successfully. Those states and the country make progress which give respect to the girls. Development has taken place in Madhya Pradesh keeping welfare of the girls at center stage. The girls have capacity to bring laurel to the state, provided they are given opportunities. Today, birth of a girl child is celebrated in the state.




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