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NSS camp brings change to village Jhagariya

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The Institute for Excellence in Higher Education (IEHE), NSS unit's seven-day annual camp is organized at village Jhagariya. Eighty diligently working students are trying to transmute the village's depreciating scenario.

The students residing in the camp are not only doing their casework but they are cooking their own food, doing all the cleaning by themselves. They are doing an array of social welfare activities like Nukkad Natak, Awareness Rally, health checkup camp, surveys, group discussions and cleanliness drive.

While informing about the camp, Indira Barman, NSS Convenor said, “Most of the villagers are scared of the city residents they feel if they spill beans about their problems then it is likely that they might get into some trouble.”

Elaborating further, he said, “But making them understand through street plays is unsurpassable. We have chosen a variety of themes like the importance of girl child education, adverse effects of drug addiction, the value of voting, etc. As it is our first camp in this village on the first day only a few people hesitantly came forward to watch the play but on the second day most of the people of the village, be it young or elderly came to watch the play and applauded and cheered in appreciation.”

Senior Volunteer Kapil Dhakad said, “The main motive of these types of camps is to strengthen one's personality through social service. How to take out maximum outputs from minimum resources is the key. We are extensively doing various types of activities through which we can bring in some significant change in this village. Leaving our comfort zone and working in these harsh summer days made all of us realize that the society is in need of young people like us. After doing a survey, we found out this village needs our help in various health-related issues that are prevailing in this area.” Anamika Tiwari, First NSS Camp said, “I have done many adventure camps but attending an NSS camp is altogether a different experience. I have learnt a lot through this camp.”




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