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Of an enlightening voyage in search of happiness

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Ever heard of a salesman selling happiness? A Hindi play ‘Map of Happiness’ took the theatre buffs on the voyage of searching for happiness. The play was staged at Shaheed Bhavna Auditorium here on Wednesday.

The play was organised by Ministry of Culture, Government of India to mark the birth anniversary of the renowned playwright Chandrahas Tiwari. Directed by a known playwright Tanaji Rao, the play was beautifully performed by the artists of Rising Society of Art and Culture (RiSAC), Bhopal.

It is true that the man just goes round and round searching for happiness, but finally finds it in his heart. Keeping that faith intact, the play went through a lot of lyrical and emotional ups and downs.

The play surrounds the story of a young man, who went out in search of happiness. The play begins with a scene where a young man is seen sitting on a railway platform. Suddenly another man enters the scene and asks him where he was going. The first man replies ‘I don’t know’. Giving a weird look to the man, the stanger finds interest to know his story.

He tells the stranger that he feels no more happiness with his wife and daughter and so he left the home. A huge conversation happens between the two where they discuss various issues of life that can give happiness to man. Later, the man slept and in his dream meets a salesman selling happiness, a joker inviting him to choose the life of his choice, a saint who explains him about divinity and spirituality.

The play was beautifully designed with the innovative backdrop and also the fantastic music by Morriz Lazras and light design by Anoop Joshi. The play left the audience awestruck as it made them explore all moods of life. 




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