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Vivekananda remembered on his 155th birth anniv

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Patel Group of Institutions organised an event on the occasion of Swami Vivekananda 155th birth anniversary. On the occasion, a yoga session and an interactive session was organised at the college premises.

Interacting with the staff members and students of the college, Chairperson of the institution Preeti Patel and Vice charperson Ajit Singh Patel said that Swami Vivekananda is an inspirational personality for each individual. 

In his speech to young students Ajit Singh Patel communicated Swami Vivekananda’s thoughts.  He gave the short descriptions of Swami Vivekananda preaching in Chicago long back. While addressing the students in his speech, Dave highlighted over the personality and teachings of Swami Vivekananda.

He also threw light over his life journey and also talked about Swami’s long lasting dream about the youth of the country.

He said that Swami had a dream that youth of this country are responsible to take the country wherever they want. The youth must be physically fit, courageous and have a sharp mind.

Then only they can contribute to the growth of the country.

Preeti Patel mentioned that today’s youth is distracted from the path. Youth needs to be physically and mentally strong. Youth should be passionate about their society and country’s growth.

During her speech she quoted many examples to illustrate this. According to the Swami there should not be any discrimination between men and women.

Both should equally contribute to the society and the country. She encouraged the young students to be physically and mentally fit through various techniques.

On this occasion students of all the colleges of Patel group, faculty members and employees performed surya namaskar.




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