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286 Biju Setus to be completed this year

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A total of 286 bridges, including 145 under-construction and 141 new ones, under the Biju Setu Yojana would be completed this year, informed Rural Development Minister Bikram Keshari Arukh in the State Assembly on Tuesday.

In response to a question of BJD MLA Purna Chandra Sethi and additional questions of a host of other members, the Minister said construction of a total of 815 bridges have been undertaken by March 2017 of which 484 have been completed. While construction works of the rest 331 bridges are underway, 145 of them have been targeted to be completed this year. Besides, it has been targeted to construct 141 new bridges this year.

While a total of Rs 3,225 crore have been estimated to be spent for construction of 1,000 bridges under the scheme, Rs 500 crore has been allocated in this year’s budget, he said.

Members like Bibhuti Bhushan Harichandan (BJP), Ayub Khan (BJD), Naba Kishore Das (Cong), Aswini Kumar Patra (BJD), KV Singh Deo (BJP), Sanjib Kumar Sahoo (BJD), Dr Prafulla Majhi (Cong), Jyoti Prakash Panigrahi (Cong), Rabi Narayan Nayak (BJP), Mahidhar Rana (BJD), Yogesh Kumar Singh (Cong) and Ansuman Mohanty (Cong) put questions regarding construction of Setus in their respective constituency areas.   




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