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A week on, JSpur mason murder yet to be cracked

| | JAGATSINGHPUR | in Bhubaneswar

About a week has been passed, but the police have failed to crack mason Sarat Ray’s murder case at Andhoti village under Salajanga panchayat, 8 km from here.

Meanwhile, the cops have detained eight suspects involved in the crime but after conducting marathon interrogations to them, no breakthrough has been achieved.

Hence, it has been decided to send them for conducting polygraph test at Bhubaneswar, informed Jagatsinghpur police station IIC Rajanikanta Mishra.

Soon after the crime, basing on local information and circumstantial evidences, the police had picked up one widow and her son suspecting their involvement in the incident. Later deceased mason’s six kin had been taken into custody for interrogation. Furthermore, a police scientific team had visited the spot where the deceased mason’s body was found and collected data.




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