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‘Aadhaar link will curb MDM scam’

| | SAMBALPUR | in Bhubaneswar

Linkage of Aadhaar card to midday meal (MDM) in schools is highly welcomed by the public and the teachers here. “It can stop ghost attendance in the some schools through which money is swindled,” said a headmaster.

There are many schools all over the State and particularly in the rural and inaccessible areas which resort to ghost attendance. “But linking Aadhaar could stop such practice to a larger extent,” he opined further.

There are also other teachers who appreciated such steps of the Government as any kind of corruption in educational institutions is totally undesirable. Even the Vigilance department in the past has caught such practices in schools much to the discredits of the teaching community. “Hence, the new rule should be implemented in letter and spirit,” they demanded.

At the same time, they further suggested giving relaxation to some students who and whose parents are yet to have Aadhaar cards. Due to so many factors like ignorance, illiteracy etc the parents of some students have no Voter cards. For such people, getting Aadhaar card is a difficult affair. Hence, these students need to be given some relaxation till they get the Aadhaar cards. Otherwise, injustice will be done to such students who are largely poor and come from illiterate families, these teachers demanded.

There are also sections of people, who also demand linkage of Aadhaar to Anganwadi centres where such practice i.e. ghost attendance is rampant. “If Aadhaar could be linked to Anganwadi centres, then crores of rupees of Government could be saved and corruption could be curbed,” opined many.




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