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B’swar student rescued from Blue Whale

| | BALESWAR | in Bhubaneswar

The Baleswar police rescued an ITI student of a Government-run institute from the Blue Whale challenge trap and admitted him to a hospital.

The timely intervention of the institute’s authorities as well as police saved the minor from a fatal end.

The 17-year-old student hailing from Jaleswar area was behaving erratically with his colleagues. Observing his abnormal behaviour, his mates while informed to the principal, the latter informed to the Sahadevkhunta police.

The boy confessed before the police of playing the Blue Whale game.

Sahadevkhunta police station IIC Pragyan Mohanty said, “During inquiry, the student confessed that he was playing the lethal game. Since his mental state was not stable, he was counselled initially and then admitted to a hospital. His parents were informed.”

The student was residing in a private mess and for quite some days remaining upset. His class mates said that he loved to be alone for last few days.

Observing an abnormal change on him, they were suspecting something fishy.  However, on Monday, during the last period, he was found playing the game.

They soon brought the matter to the notice of the instructor as well as Principal KC Rout. He said that he downloaded the lethal game on instigation of a cousin residing in Bengaluru. And he had crossed a few levels after downloading the game.

Following the incident, the school authorities carried out raids and seized as many as 37 cell phones.




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