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Common bird monitoring drive organised

| | Athagarh | in Bhubaneswar

The Bombay Natural History Society, the Indian Bird Conservation Network and the Centre for Tourism Development in collaboration with the Department of Zoology of the Banki Autonomous College organised a ‘Common Bird Monitoring Programme’ at Jaria in the Chandaka-Damapada wildlife sanctuary. The program was inaugurated by Professor Manoj Kumar Mohapatra of the Banki Autonomous College. IBCN members Lalit Mohan Panda, Amit Sahoo, Manoranjan Panda, Subrat Sahoo, Deepak Samantara, Sridhar Behera, Silsa Sapnil, Bijaylaxmi Panda and others joined the programme to study on the habitat of peacock, jungle fowl, bluejaw, etc. They also made people aware about conservation of common birds and to save nature.          




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