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Loksamukhya: Flyover mishap man-made

| | BHUBANESWAR | in Bhubaneswar

The Bomikhal flyover collapse is a man-made disaster. In spite of the recent collapse of Rusikulya, Jatamundia, Buguda and Gurupriya bridges, the Government did not bother to learn a lesson, alleged Loksamukhya leaders here on Tuesday.

At a Press meet, they said no steps were taken to prevent such disasters implying that the Government is callous about loss of lives and property. The order for the said bridge was awarded in the year 2012 at a cost of Rs 22 crore without land acquisition. There were several cases in the High Court with regard to the flyover. The Government instead of cancelling the order preferred to prolong the construction process despite cost escalation, it said.

Centering of the bridge was done before four months. The concerned Executive Engineer is supposed to approve the centering design and make quality control of the fabrication work which uses 600mm RCC slab weighing 200 tons placed at a height of 30 feet. The slab is supposed to be casted in the presence of the Executive Engineer. But it is doubted if these stand operating procedure was maintained, said the forum.

The centering was left open for four months in the rainy season, which added to rusting of the steel rods. Why did the authorities allow such delayed casting? The Chief Secretary and other officials are monitoring the projects of the Smart City on a daily basis. Did these officials take note of the delay? Besides, the centering had no adequate bracing to maintain the heavy weight, it said.

It is understood that the soil under the bridge was washed away due to a sewer line nearby with the monsoon rain. Did the officials and contractor take note of it? There is an absolute negligence by officials.

Indian Road Congress norms in Code 55 prescribes for Work Zone Safety for bridges and flyovers like barricading, clear danger signals, traffic controls, etc. Fall of a 50-mm stone from such heights can kill a person. But in this case no such safety measure was taken, it said.

The contractors have become very powerful due to their Third Floor connections and are capable enough to push engineers to the brink. The contractor, Panda Infrastructure, has similar failure in Jatni flyover but could manipulate the people in power corridors to get more orders and delay any projects.

A lot of black money earned by engineers, bureaucrats and politicians is invested with the infra firms. The money trails needs to be investigated by an independent agency and the facts must be made public, demanded the forum. 




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