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Media’s ‘precious’ messages are ‘nothings’

| | in Bhubaneswar

That Kovind’s win in the Presidential election is a foregone conclusion in view of the NDA’s strength plus many other parties’ support. His visit to Bhubaneswar was a formality, mainly for thanking the BJD for backing his candidature. But what was incomprehensible was the media here going gaga over the visit with some TV channels flashing running commentaries from his arrival at the airport almost till his departure.

A section of the media even delved into the menu of his lunch at the Naveen Niwas! What Naveen Patnaik told about Kovind was old story when he had extended support to his nomination in the very beginning. The event could have been only a routine one. What a waste of space and time!

* A Malkangiri district MLA was carried by his enthusiastic supporters over a few feet of accumulated water, which was no big deal. The media, however, made a mountain over a molehill, thanks to someone taking a snap of the scene in the area, suggesting that the MLA used people as bonded labourers to avoid his shoes being plastered with mud. A TV show, known for its sarcastic comments, kept claiming that the submerged patch had “neck-deep water”. But, sarcastically, the video it displayed was vivid about those carrying the MLA by their arms were only wading through ankle-deep water! The show’s anchor, in his wisdom of sarcasm, also exhibited the much-publicised photo of a pregnant woman being carried on a makeshift stretcher by her relatives in Kalahandi district and tried to argue as if the ‘inhuman’ MLA should learn a lesson from this.

*The ever-increasing infighting in the State Congress is no doubt a serious matter of media reporting. But harping on the syndrome of “father-in-law and son-in-law” in the party has assumed comic proportions. Suresh Routray lavishly praising his son-in-law PCC president Prasad Harichandan’s leadership against the party MLAs’ crusade for a change in the PCC stewardship is old news. But media keep having fun in quoting Routray’s virtually same reactions and having Tara Prasad Bahinipati or some other MLA responding to it almost on a daily basis as if there are no worthier reports for serious readers or viewers.

*Bijay Mohapatra is undoubtedly a leading political figure, but he is since long frustrated with his BJP State leadership. Since he is a highly knowledgeable leader, he uses his facts and figures to corner his opponents. He was doing it against the BJD Government in the past, but he has now been sniping at the BJP State bosses obviously to vent his bitterness over his virtual persona non grata status in the party. As frequently he comes out with his utterances, so often media jumps to a conclusion that the BJP is almost as divided as the Congress in the State. Pitiably, it does not register with the media that Mohapatra is isolated in the BJP. Even an assumption that Dilip Ray would sail with him does not hold good judging from Ray’s recent moves. Fact is Mohapatra is no threat to the BJP. On the other hand, any foreseeable position out of the BJP might be a threat to him.




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