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PLFI posters trigger panic at Biramitrapur

| | SUNDARGARH | in Bhubaneswar

At least four posters of the People Liberation Front of India (PLFI) were seized at different locations of Biramitrapur town area in  Sundargarh  district, warning police administration and contractors, which have spread panic among the locals. After getting information, the Sundargarh SP visited the area and examined the matter on Saturday.

According to  sources, PLFI posters were seen by the locals on Saturday at different locations like boundary wall of the house of Birmitrapur MLA George Tirkey, front gate of Bisra Stone Lime office, Biramitrapur main market area and auto rickshaw stand, after which locals had informed the police. Considering the matter seriously, Sundargarh SP Pinak Mishra visited the spot on Saturday afternoon and took stock of the situation.

Sources said, the poster written in Hindi, besides mentioning PLFI zindabad and Mazdoor Kissan Ek ho (Unity of labor and farmer), also warned police administration and contractors. They also gave a slogan that Garib Sosan Band Karo (stop exploiting poor).

The police have started investigation in to the case, after registering a station dairy in the Biramitrapur police station.

“After recovery of  the  posters, we are investigating  into the matter,” said SP Pinak Mishra, adding, “We  received a complaint a week  ago  from one businessman about demand  of  ransom, following which we have registered a case and started investigation. We suspect the ransom callers have pasted the posters to create panic, but we would nab the culprits soon.”

Significantly, the PLFI, an outfit mainly having its presence in Jharkhand-Odisha border, is known to be operated by a group of hardcore criminals, who target the local businessmen, demanding ransom. PLFI was active in this area about seven/eight years back as Biramitrapur is located in  Odisha – Jharkhand  border area. However, after some encounter incidents, the PLFI activity had considerably come down.




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