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S’pur people resent trains’ cancellation

| | SAMBALPUR | in Bhubaneswar

Cancellations of two trains for no sufficient reasons have made the passengers largely unhappy here. While the Rourkela-Koraput Express has been cancelled totally since last September, the Sambalpur-Raygada Intercity Express has been cancelled partially.  As a result, the passengers who used to travel in the trains mostly are facing a lot of troubles. These two trains connect western Odisha to its backward cum neglected southern part.

Cancellation of the trains was required after the heavy flood in the month of September and partial damage of a rail bridge. While many other trains and the heavily loaded goods trains are running over this bridge, the passengers fail to understand why these two trains have been cancelled for last five months and putting rail users to untold misery for months together.

When contacted, DRM of Sambalpur Dr Jaideep Gupta expressed his concern about the cancellation of the trains. “In order to minimize the load on a bridge that has been partially damaged due to flood, we have cancelled the trains. But we are working on war footing basis to bring back normalcy and run the trains as early as possible,” Gupta said. But common people are not satisfied with the attitude of Railways since passengers trains are cancelled whereas goods trains are running normally without any problem. 



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