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Tomato at Rs 100 a kg in Subarnapur

| | SUBARNAPUR | in Bhubaneswar

Everyone’s favourite red fleshy tomato is now out of reach of the middle class and the poor as well. Price of the tomato in Subarnapur district has shot up five times higher than last month though it has no direct link with the new tax regime.

The retail price of tomato now hovers around Rs 100 per kg. Tamato was selling at Rs 30 per kg a month back.

Residents of Subarnapur, Binka, Ullunda, Tarbha, Birmaharajpur and Manamunda are faced with the problem of skyrocketing prices of vegetables.

 Since last week, the supply of vegetables such as cabbage, beans, brinjal, tomato and cauliflower to the local markets has dropped leading to the shooting up of prices for the first time after the onset of monsoon this year. While tomato is sold for Rs 100 per kg, brinjal is sold at Rs 40, cauliflower at Rs 60, cabbage at Rs 40 and beans at Rs 60. To add to the woes, the vegetables are stale.

Most of the vegetables are procured by local vendors from Lachhipur, Balikhamar, Jaloi, Urle and Sindhol areas where farmers in large numbers cultivate vegetables to meet the local demands.

While the daily requirements of vegetables in Subarnapur, Binka,Tarbha and Ullunda is about 90 tone, now far less quantity of vegetables is available fuelling the price hike. Meanwhile members of several citizen committees and public representatives have urged the district administration to intervene in the matter.




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