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‘Amend your guilty conscience and bring justice to youth'

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Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) on Friday asked Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh to come forward and stand witness against the cold blooded murder of 21 youth whose surrender he had facilitated during the turbulent period of militancy in the State.

“It is good that Amarinder has laid bare his conscience and even tried to lighten the guilt of leading 21 youth to their death by getting them to surrender before former Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar in 1990-91,” said senior SAD leader Virsa Singh Valtoha.

Capt Amarinder, during the launch of his authorised biography a day before, had claimed that Chandra Shekhar betrayed him and he was responsible for the death of 21 Khalistani militants.

The senior Congress leader had stated that he had facilitated the surrender of 21 militants at the residence of the then Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar, “but it was after six months that I learnt that all the 21 Khalisatni militants had been killed”.

I regretted trusting Chandra Shekhar and never initiated any other surrender ever since, Capt Amarinder had stated.

Later on, Capt Amarinder also confessed the same on his verified Twitter handle. “I felt betrayed by then PM Chandra Shekhar after 21 Khalistani militants I arranged to surrender were killed. Never spoke to him after that,” he tweeted on Thursday.

Valtoha said it was regrettable that Capt Amarinder had washed his hands off the matter and not done anything in this case despite getting a chance to lead the State as Chief Minister from 2002-2007.

“But all is not lost. Amarinder can make amends for his guilty conscience. He knows when the incident took place. He knows who headed the State police during this period. He should order registration of an FIR against all the police officers responsible for the elimination of the 21 Sikh youth,” the Akali leader said.

Stating that a mere statement that he never talked to Chander Shekhar when he came to know after six months that they had been eliminated was not enough, said Valtoha, adding that Capt Amarinder had a responsibility towards 21 victims who were victim to the State repression.

“Amarinder should immediately identify the victims and also offer compensation to their families besides ensuring strict punishment to those guilty of this ghastly crime. Then only will there be a final closure to the case,” he added.

Valtoha added that this was also a fit case of human rights violations and that the State Human Rights Commission should also register a case in this regard. The Commission could ask for the relevant records from the State Government to identify the accused at the earliest.

“In case the Chief Minister did not act immediately in this matter and apply balm on the wounds of 21 mothers whose sons had been made to disappear by the State, the SAD would take up the matter in the Vidhan Sabha,” he declared.  




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