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Haryana Govt approves amendments in HBC

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Haryana Government has approved certain amendments in the Haryana Building Code-2017 during the process of its implementation and also, in view of ease of doing business.

As per the Haryana Building Code- 2017, the competent authority would conduct single joint inspection by constituting a team of officials and officers including those of other Government departments for their respective services of the site or buildings, wherever required, in the stages of pre-construction, during construction and post construction, said a spokesman of Town and Country Planning Department.

He said the competent authority would ensure that the same inspector would not inspect the same site or building in consecutive stages.

The spokesman said that the inspection team would conduct inspection of site or building on a day specified by the competent authority in the order issued and submit or upload online single inspection report within 48 hours to competent authority. The competent authority may refer standard report format for single joint inspection or else may draft its own format.

He said that the competent authority would pass an order within a period of 20 days of submission of building plans, accompanied by all necessary documents either sanctioning or rejecting it.

The spokesman said that both the owner and architect would give a self-certification that no provision of the Haryana Building Code, 2017 has been violated excluding compoundable violations. Photographs of front, side, rear setbacks, front and rear elevation of the building would be submitted along with photographs of essential areas like cut outs and shafts from the roof top. An uneditable compact disc or DVD containing all photographs would also be submitted.

The competent authority would issue an occupation certificate within eight working days of receipt of the form duly complete in all respect and accompanied with the required completion drawings forms and affidavits.  No occupation certificate would be issued unless debris and rubbish consequent upon the construction has been cleared from the site and its surroundings, as per the provisions.

For fast track building plan approval, the competent authority would approve building plans considering the risk based classification of buildings depending upon height. The buildings are categorized in three risk categories that are low risk, moderate risk and high risk, he said.

The Department has invited suggestions from the general public and all other stakeholders regarding the amendments in the Haryana Building Code-2017. The suggestions could be forwarded through e-mail within a period of 30 days to Director, Town and Country Planning, Haryana,  added the spokesman.




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