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Punjab Police approves ParkSafe mobile app

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On a move, the Punjab police on Friday placed itself in the driver’s seat for resolving the parking blues. It gave a green signal to a mobile application, ParkSafe, which would help an aggrieved commuter communicate with the owner of the “offending vehicle”.

The mobile app, launched in collaboration with the Envision Ecommerce Private Limited, is aimed at helping the citizens and vehicle owners to get rid of parking issues in the tri-city.

The parking app, to be available on both Android-based and i-phones, was launched by Mohali Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Kuldip Singh, DSP Traffic Police Amroz Singh and SP (Security and Traffic) Harbir Singh Atwal. The app is also available for free download at www.parksafe.in. 

The innovative mobile-app comprises of unique connecting method, Isolated Contact Bridge technology, to connect the users with each other.

“It allows individuals to detect and connect with vehicle owner who has wrongly parked his or her vehicle nearby your vehicle via QR code, ParkSafe Tag or vehicle number,” said the official.

The app aims to keep ones vehicle safe from getting scratched and bumped, and helps instantly contact you with the vehicle owner through inbuilt chat, whose car has blocked your driveway.

Besides, it also aimed at sorting out public and private parking issues in real time which often used to snowball into major and minor scuffles.

“The ParkSafe App will also provide users with real time traffic flow information with live updates in traffic alerts section of the application mitigating inconvenience to the users. It will also have knowledge section wherein users can log in to access traffic rules and signals that can further help in making society traffic rules compliant,” said the official adding that it will be of tremendous value to all parking hassles and


Envision Ecommerce’s CEO and founder of ParkSafe Sunil Thakral, along with his team members Vikrant Shukla and Rahul Thakral, with the help of SAS Nagar Traffic Police is aiming to help vehicle owners to easily get out of congested parking space in a smarter way by using ParkSafe.




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