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‘Child and bonded labour a serious issue in India’

Saturday, 28 May 2016 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal | in Bhopal

President of Bonded Labour Liberation Front (BLLF) Swami Agnivesh on Friday said that Child and Bonded Labour is a serious issue in India. In Madhya Pradesh more than two crore bonded labours exist out of which majority is involved in farming, he added.

While talking to the media persons he said that it was also observed that 90 per cent of these bonded labours belong to the category of dalit, scheduled castes/tribe or minority. When the ‘Bonded Labour Liberation Front’ and ‘National Campaign Committee for Eradication of Bonded Labour’ raised the issue of 450 bonded labour in Guna district, the Guna administration refused to follow the Bonded Labour Abolition Act, 1976 and the directives of the Supreme Court. The Guna administration left the bonded labours in their own deteriorating conditions.

The BLLF then filed a complaint with Human Rights Commission and it sent a notice to the MP government but even the MP government delayed the response. The HRC had to send a reminder to the MP government to get a response. In its reply it was clearly stated by the Guna administration that the labours are not being paid minimum wages. The administration only gave their explanation on 200 bonded labours, and when the question on another 200 was raised, there was no response from the administration.

The Guna district administration also writes that some labours get their ration from fair price shops, other send their children to school and some own a mobile. Hence they do not fall under bonded labour. The BLLF further asks that how is it possible that the MP government has failed to amend the Bonded Labour Abolition Act, 1976 and the order passed by the Supreme Court.



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