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CM plants sapling as Harela fest begins

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On the occasion of the traditional festival of Harela, Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has appealed to all the people of Uttarakhand to plant at least one tree to mark the occasion.
Giving the slogan of “one person, one tree”, the Chief Minister inaugurated a programme held on the occasion by the BSF institute at Doiwala on Sunday. To commemorate the occasion, the Chief Minister along with his Cabinet colleagues and MLAs planted saplings of varied trees with medicinal qualities in the institute compound. 
Greeeting the public on the occasion, Rawat expressed happiness at the fact that the Forest department has set a target of planting 50 lakh saplings across the State in this monsoon season. 
Additionally, various other departments will also be planting about 50 lakh trees across the station in the season. With this, about one crore tree saplings are slated to be planted across the State this year, he said. 
Rawat said, “On this festival of greenery, all of us should commit ourselves to planting trees. Even our scriptures state that one tree is equal to 10 progeny. Since the ancient times, our civilisation has had a culture of protecting trees. The Peepal tree is considered venerable and the Banyan tree is also linked to faith and spirituality. Hence, our officials too are according importance to the plantation of Peepal trees as due to its religious significance people tend to not cut this tree.”
The CM referred to the folk songs and native festivals which convey the message of environmental conservation while also showing how to lead a proactive life. “Harela is the festival of greenery and seasons. We need to preserve our traditions and festival of love for nature and environmental conservation. One tree ensures oxygen enough for at least four persons in one day. One tree keeps a room as cool as an air-conditioner for 20 hours. Considering the numbers, there are an average 28 trees per person in India. We will have to plant as many trees as possible. The theme for this year’s Harela festival is tree plantation along with the revival and protection of the rivers. One river has been marked in each district of the State and attempts will be made to revive these. In Dehradun, trees are being planted on the banks of the Suswa river. An attempt will be made to plant trees which also help the local economically. By August 15, about 50 lakh trees will be planted across the State but for this the active participation of the public is also essential,” stressed the Chief Minister.



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