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Cinema house owners request Finance Min to consider proposal of ticket hike

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Uttarakhand Cinema Federation has requested the State Finance Minister Prakash Pant to consider its proposal of increasing the price of ticket by at least Rs five to help them run the cinema houses. They said that the ticket being  currently sold for  Rs 3, the rate should be revised immediately. They invoked the instance of   UP, saying that the owners of the non-AC cinema houses are now being allowed to  collect Rs 8 per ticket to help them meet the  maintenance charges while the price of the ticket for  AC houses has been hiked to  Rs 11. 

They said that the revision is an imperative in view of the  cinema industry incurring  huge losses over the years, resulting in  48 of the 70 cinema houses being  closed so far. Those which are still running are passing through a grim financial crisis, the owners told Pant.  They further said that the cinema houses which are still operating would be shut down unless the government addresses their problems.

Pant said that under the GST regime,  17 types of taxes have got converted into a single tax, reducing thus the burden on those who are providing such services as running the cinema houses. The cinema house owners said that they are still being forced to pay the show taxes even after the GST rollout.




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