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Doon schools take precautionary measures after Ryan murder

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Alarmed by the brutal murder of a seven-year-old boy in Ryan International School, Gurugram, the schools of Dehradun have started taking additional security measures for safety of students.

The school authorities are taking steps like installation of Close Circuit TV (CCTV) cameras in the campus, sharing the details of their employees with the police and strictly ensuring gate pass system for the visitors. Some of the schools are also asking the parents for police verification of drivers of the private taxis which ferry the students to the school.

The schools are also releasing advisories to the parents and asking them to inform the children as what they should do in emergency situation. Some schools are even contemplating to start counselling sessions and workshops for their employees for emergency situation.

The Administrator of the Brightlands School, Col BK Kapoor said that the school has an elaborate security plan and after the unfortunate incident of the gruesome murder of a student in Gurugram, the school has beefed up the security and is taking additional measures to ensure safety of the students in the campus. He said that the school doesn’t provide transportation facility and it does not allow the drivers of the private vehicles to park their vehicles inside the school.

“We have enforced the system of gate passes for the visitors and have deployed people who keep vigil on the corridors and other areas of the school. We are also in touch with the local police and are submitting the details of the class IV workers with them,’’ he said.

The Principal of Delhi Public School (DPS), Dehradun BK Singh said that all the classrooms and corridors in the school are under CCTV camera cover and three armed guards are on alert always.

He informed that the school has deployed an attendant in all toilets and female attendants are posted in the toilets of the primary section. “Our school has 30 buses and all of them are equipped with GPS system for locating the vehicle while it is moving. Apart from it, every bus has two teachers in charge that keep a record of attendance in the buses and take care of the students,’’ he said.

Entire country was shocked when seven year old Pradhyuman, a student of class II of Ryan International School Gurugram was murdered by school bus conductor on Friday when he failed in his attempt to sexually abuse the boy in school toilet. 




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