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IMA’s State chapter recommends Haryana model of Clinical Establishment Act

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The State Chapter of Indian Medical Association (IMA) has recommended Haryana model of Clinical Establishment Act in Uttarakhand.  The opposition of the private doctors of the State has made the provisions of the Clinical Establishment Act redundant in the State.  The IMA is demanding change in the some provisions of the Act.

The General Secretary of the IMA, Dr D D Chaudhury said that a meeting of the executive body of the association is convened on January 28 in which the final draft of the proposal from the side of the IMA would be prepared. This draft would be handed over to the government.

The IMA secretary said that the State Government should take the example of Haryana where the hospitals having less than 50 beds are exempted from the provisions of the clinical establishment act. He said that the people of the State would be the worst suffers if no change in some of the provisions of the act is made.

In an attempt to rein in the private clinics and hospitals, the state government implemented the Clinical Establish Act in the year 2016 but due to strong protest of the private doctors and lack of will, the State Government has not enforced the act in the state.

In the state capital itself there are more than 200 private clinics and hospitals which have not registered themselves under the act.

The IMA has objected to very high registration fees for various categories of the hospitals under the act.  Dr Chaudhury said that the registration fee is very high as compared with other states where the act is in place. 

Another point where the IMA has lodged its strong protest is the provision of the penalties imposed on the hospitals from the year 2002 if there is no provision of disposal of liquid waste.

The IMA argues that since the act was notified in the year 2016 it is absurd to impose backdated penalties. The IMA is also demanding setting up of an affiliate body to monitor the act.

Under the provisions of the act it is compulsory for all the clinical establishments like doctor’s clinic, private hospitals, diagnostic centres, homeopathic doctors and Ayush doctors to get them registered with the state council. 

The act seeks to regulate all clinical establishments with a view to prescribing the minimum standards of facilities and services provided by them.

Under the act the clinical establishments should keep a record of the all the patients and disclose and display the type of services they give. These establishments would be bound to disclose the number and qualification of the staff they are employing and display the rate lists clearly. 

The State Government on its part is also interested to settle the issue with the doctor’s body amicably. 




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