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Video of doctor taking bribe goes viral

| | Haridwar | in Dehradun

A doctor working in the district hospital is again in the news for the wrong reasons. Days after he had been caught manhandling a nurse in the district hospital while drunk, he was captured on mobile camera as asking bribe from a patient for making medical certificate.

The video having gone viral on social media and the patient having filed a complaint, CMO has issued show- cause notice to the doctor who has been identified as NK Paliwal. The patient Ram Prakash who the doctor asked to cough up money for issuing a medical certificate, caught the doctor on his mobile phone as slipping the note in his pocket. 

Speaking of the matter,  CMO district hospital Ravindra Thapliyal said, “We have issued notice to the CMS of the hospital as well as a show-cause notice to the accused doctor to explain why he accepted the amount against issuing a medical certificate when no doctor in the hospital is authorised for the same. As per the rules, the amount is to be deposited in the window meant for it. Action would be taken against the errant doctor.” 




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