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Democracy best form of governance: Harris

| | Hazaribagh | in Ranchi

Three day long international seminar sponsored by UGC and organised by Post Graduate Department of History of Vinoba Bhave University concluded on Monday evening. 11 participants of 9 countries participated in this seminar along with more than 350 delegates of 17 universities scattered in 14 states of India.

In the closing ceremony Prof.  Jenning Harris of Canada said that democracy is best for governance and nowadays every global citizen accepts this fact. Talking on the topic ‘Law, Governance and Democracy: A Global Concern’, Prof. Harris said that laws are framed by the governments to maintain peace, equality, security and other aspects which are necessary for the country and citizens and in democracy through active participation of the common people it becomes easier for any government to understand the aspirations and needs of their citizens.

Prof Arshad A Karim of Pakistan said that democracy in India is an example for other countries. “Rising percentage of turnout of voters here clearly indicates that the root of democracy is going deep and deep here with time.” Talking about law and governance he said that laws are framed as per the needs of the country while for governance active participation of every section of society is necessary. He thanked the organisers for their hospitality and praised the Indian culture based on the theme “Atithi Devo Bhawah”.

VC Prof Gurdeep Singh said that the entire university family worked as a unit to make this seminar successful and thanked the participants for coming here taking so much of trouble. Addressing the younger generation he suggested inculcating the knowledge of ancient culture to their kids instead of giving toys. PVC Dr. MP Sinha said that laws are made by men and with time it needs change. Likewise the pattern of governance always changes with time but it is democracy which is going on since long without any change because it is the best way of governance.

Organising secretary Vikash Kumar informed that in this three day long seminar more than 180 papers were presented in 17 technical and 2 special sessions. Regarding the outcome of this seminar he said that the members of advisory board are working on it and soon it will be sent to the central and State Governments. HoD Dr. Ashok Kumar Mandal presented vote of thanks. 




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