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Doon police dispatch teams to Delhi, Jaipur

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Stung by large number of complaints on fraudulent withdrawals of money from their accounts, the Dehradun police have dispatched teams to Jaipur and Delhi from where the money was withdrawn from the ATMs.

On Sunday, five more complaints of this cyber fraud were received at Raipur police station. In what could be the biggest organised cyber crime in the State, 27 people lodged complaints in three police stations of Dehradun on Saturday. Reports suggest that cyber criminals have looted more than Rs 10 lakh from the accounts of these people.

The Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Dehradun, Nivedita Kukreti said three teams were sent to Jaipur and Delhi to investigate the case. She informed that all the cases were being registered in different police stations and details were being sought from the bank.

“We are trying to find a pattern in the episode; the account holders are being questioned and based on the information provided by the banks the investigation would proceed further. Prima facie it appears a case of ATM skimming,’’ she said.

The police have involved its cyber crime team idn the investigation and help of professionals is also being sought. The objective of the police is to identify the culprits from the CCTV footage of

the ATMs. Amounts ranging from Rs 2,500 to Rs 80,000 have been withdrawn from the accounts of complainants by the culprits.

The Dehradun police have launched a campaign to check the ATM machines of the city. The banking experts believe that many more cases could come in few days. “Those who have updated their mobile phone number in the bank got the message of withdrawals which they had not done. The phone number of large number of account holders are not updated such people could not have been aware about the withdrawals if their account is also targeted,’’ said a bank employee.

The police are proceeding in the episode which it believes is ATM skimming case. In it the fraudsters target such ATMs which do not have security guards and here they install a card reader on the ATMs real card slot. When someone slides the card into the ATM, the card reader stores its information on its magnetic strip.

Apart from it the criminals also install a camera which captures the PIN number of the user. With the help of magnetic data of card and PIN numbers the cyber criminals get access into the accounts of unsuspecting people.




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