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HRC calls for report on ragging incident

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The Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission (MPHRC) has told the Higher Education and Police Departments to submit detailed reports on the incident of ragging in an Indore college.

The Commission has sought detailed report from DIG Indore and Higher Education department over the incidence of ragging in Rukmadevi Pannalal Laddha Maheshwari College – Indore in September 2016. This because the facts presented before the Commission during the hearing of case were inadequate and in order to know the correct facts detailed report from police and higher education has been sought by the Commission.

The Commission told DIG Indore to take permission from the court to remove anomalies left during the investigation of the case and then present supplementary chalan in the court. Points related with the ragging should be investigated.  The petitioner student was forced to remove his shirt on September 7, 2016 that should be associated with the incident of September 8, 2016.

Bleeding through his mouth and nose, information giving to the police station and complaint with the principal does not have any mention in the FIR and statements, this should be included in the investigation, the Commission told the DIG.

Similarly, the Commission has wished to know from the Higher Education Department that why not recommendation to pay compensation of Rs 50, 000 under Section 18 A (1) of Human Rights Protection Act 1993 be made in favor of the victim student Shivam s/o Rajesh Pawar. Besides the Commission has told the Higher Education Department to take action against the college management as per the rules and under the Universities Grant Commission rules and inform it over the action taken.

The Commission also told the Higher Education Department to write letter to all the colleges of state to stop ragging strictly and if any such incident takes place than they should not try to cover it up. 




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