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‘Let 5 transferred docs continue working in hospital till alternate arrangements made’

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In a bid to maintain bare minimum services in the associated hospital of Government Doon Medical College (GDMC), the hospital administration has requested the State health department that it should let five transferred doctors continue working in the hospital till alternate arrangements are made. On Monday the Medical Superintendent (MS) of the hospital Dr K K Tamta dispatched a letter to state health department and State administration requesting them to allow five transferred doctors to work in hospital till their replacements are arranged. These doctors are Dr Narendra Singh Tomar, Dr Pankaj Sharma, Dr Abhilasha Kohli (all anaesthetists), Dr Yatindra Singh (Radiologist) and Dr Deepika Jain (Pathologist). Dr Tamta said that the services of these doctors are needed for the hospital to function. The transfer of anaesthetists from the hospital has resulted in postponement of operations on Saturday. On Monday the transferred anaesthetists Dr Sharma and Dr Tomar turned up in the hospital on request of Dr Tamta and provided anaesthesia to the patients scheduled for operation.

In the radiology department things got escalated further on Monday as Senior Resident (SR) Dr Vichi Khanna resigned leaving the department with only one Radiologist Dr G S Joshi (working on contract after retirement). The senior radiologist and specialist of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Dr Yatindra Singh has been transferred to Boradi hospital Tehri.  His transfer has resulted in suspense over continuation of MRI facility in the biggest Government hospital of the state as there are very few trained radiologists like him in the state health services who can give opinion on MRI scans.  Facilities like MRI, CT scan, Mamography, X ray, digital X Ray, Ultrasound and bone densitometer are available in the radiology department of the hospital.




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