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Collectrate employees staged a protest against the district magistrate in Sitapur

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Tussle between district returning officer and assistant returning officer in Sitapur took an interesting turn on Thursday when the collectrate employees staged a protest against the district magistrate, Kinjal Singh, allegedly for misbehaving with her sub-ordinate. They also threatened to boycott election duties.

The dispute between the two women officers is already in the court of Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Umesh Sinha, but any final decision would be only taken once the DM would submit her reply. 

Sources in Sitapur confirmed that some employees of Collectrate who were agitated with the behaviour of DM had came in support of her sub-ordinate and staged demonstration at Collectrate compound on Thursday. A big number of them who were engaged in the election duty had also reportedly sent a memorandum signed by them in which they warned of boycotting the duties if necessary steps has been not taken by the State Election Commission Office. Umesh Sinha had already confirmed of receiving a complaint in this regard but said that only when the district magistrate would send her clarification on the issue, only then the Commission would take further step to resolve the matter.

It may be mentioned that on last Sunday during `chaupal’ at Sitapur, DM Kinjal Singh, reportedly had some heated arguments with Assistant Returning Officer (ARO) Shikha Srivastava. Later in front of the employees, Kinjal Singh threw the mobile of the ARO in which the instrument was damaged. Upset with the behaviour, Shikha, who refused to speak to the media persons, reportedly dispatched her complaint to the CEO Umesh Sinha. 

In her defense, Kinjal denied any such act before the local media persons. She claimed that Shikha was not following her instructions which she passed on directions of Election Commission. She alleged that due to some directions overlooked by Shikha, she and her staff faced lot of problems while holding `Chaupal’ organized on last Sunday across the country. She said that wrong voters lists has been sent to centre which created hurdles for the staff. When asked on complaint of Shikha to Election Commission, Kinjal Singh said that she will give her reply to the Commission. 





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