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Khadi making inroads into wardrobes of young generation

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Khadi is slowly making inroads into the wardrobes of the younger generation as it has roped in help from National Institute of Fashion Design to give a modern avatar to good old khadi.

State Director, Khadi and Village Industries Commission, RS Pandey said that the competition from private players have invigorated the state-run Khadi industry.  

“It was a wake up call for us, the way some private players filled the vacant space left by Khadi industry. The competition has made us more agile and forced us to look for innovation,” Pandey told ‘The Pioneer’ in Lucknow on Monday.

The Director said that with Khadi Gramodyog coming up with new designs catering to the choice of ‘Generation Y’ the sales have picked up. 

“The sale figures are on the upswing. The sale of Khadi garments in 2016-17 has increased by more than 27 per cent as compared to tyhe last fiscal which is a very eencouraging sign,” he said.

“Khadi as apparel, is more comfortable than mill-spun clothes. Technically speaking, mill clothes are products of high twisted spinning machine that destroys small pores and affects inflow and outflow of air. On the other hand, Khadi is hand-woven and have small breathing space. So, it is comfortable during summers as well as winters,” Pandey said adding that Khadi had lost favour with the youth as it was not trendy which was now being done vigorously.

The Director spoke about Khadi Reform Development Programme that the Commission adopted which gave elbow space to carry out new innovations.  

“Uttar Pradesh has got Rs 55 core under this project in the last three years which has helped us to make a turn around,” he said.

The Director said that the Commission has opened 22 new air-conditioned outlets in seven districts around Lucknow. “These outlets are spick and span and are visual delight for customers. Many of our such outlets can give big showrooms a run for their money,” he said.




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