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Nation needs a PM who works: Mayawati

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Taking a dig at BJP chief Amit Shah's statement that his party gave a 'Prime Minister in Narendra Modi who speaks', BSP chief Mayawati said that the country does not need a PM who merely speaks, but a PM who also `works’. 

"Shah had done a favour to the country by accepting the harsh reality that Modi is a Prime Minister who only speaks. But the fact remains that the people and Opposition parties think that the country urgently needed a Prime Minister who `works’,” asserted Mayawati.

"The public is facing the burnt of rising prices, lawlessness, unemployment, poverty and farmers were forced to commit suicide. But the PM is doing nothing and just busy giving speeches.” the BSP chief added. 

The former UP Chief Minister further accused the PM for making one-sided statements and 'using government media and resources for himself'.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Mayawati alleged that official power was being misused to gag Opposition's voice, independence and uprightness. 

She also did not spare the BJP government in the state and said that people were suffering from the same problem as Chief Minister failed to take any action on ground and was just making tall claims. 

"Besides cheating farmers, traders and youths, Yogi failed to deal with the law and order and crime situation in the state which has gone from bad to worse," she charged. 

Mayawati said that people in the ruling party were themselves involved in crime and the state government had failed to provide any relief in this direction.



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